Hulk Hogan Fears Being Reincarnated As A Black Person

Although Hulk Hogan recently apologized for his bizarre, caught-on-tape racist rant, claiming that it really wasn’t who he was, he may have some trouble trying to pull that one again after this latest “caught on tape” incident.

In a jailhouse phone conversation between Hogan and his son, obtained by Radar Online, the Hulkster goes on yet another incredibly bizarre racist diatribe. This time, he tells his son that he really hopes they are not reincarnated as black people?

In the 2008 chat, gleaned from transcripts released by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, and published on BayNews9, the pro wrestling veteran addressed his jailed son Nick with a variation of the offensive term, telling Nick, “You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here, n*gga.”

Nick said back, “Yeah, nibb-ah,” at which Hogan clarified his remark in saying, “N**ga, n**ga, that means, that means [you’re] my best friend.”

At that point, Hogan used the limited visiting time to tell Nick — in coded language pro wrestlers often speak in, referred to as “carny” — that he hoped they wouldn’t be reincarnated as black people.

Hogan said, “You know that God gave you this vibe and this, this, energy that you and I are going to live forever, bro — I just hope we don’t come back as a couple, I don’t want to say it — blizz-ack gizz-uys (carny for “black guys”) — you know what I’m saying?”


I am confused by a lot of this–particularly because I can’t figure out why on earth this would be the conversation they have when one of them is in jail. I am somewhat eager to know the context of this, because I can’t actually fully imagine the scenario where these words would come out of someone’s mouth.

Also? THAT IS A TERRIBLE CODE. Anyone can tell what you are saying if you use that code. My code of choice is Gibberish, and it works because no one except Natasha Lyonne is ever going to understand what I’m saying, and my friends are all jerks who refuse to learn it.

Also, also. What does he mean by this? Does he not want to be reincarnated as a black person because he believes he has built up some bad karma when it comes to being a weird racist? I doubt that’s it, but also, like, who even thinks of these things? Like, who is sitting around thinking, “Man, I sure hope that for the rest of my lives, I get to be a white person!”

Not to mention the fact that technically, living forever in a birth-rebirth cycle is not a positive thing in that belief system anyway. The point is to keep living and keep being reincarnated so that you learn more things and then eventually don’t have to be reborn anymore. Not to just like, LIVE FOREVER AND PARTY ALWAYS AS A WHITE DUDE, BROTHER!

I don’t know. Hulk Hogan is a giant weirdo, who is also racist. He should probably consider just not ever talking to anyone again, ever.