Here Is A Mystery To Solve, Internet: #FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives

Photographer Meagan Abell posted on Facebook a haunting and beautiful set of five vintage photos, the negatives for which she found in a thrift store in Virginia, along with the following note:

Okay so here’s the lowdown. I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell, they had been taken sometime in the 50’s. So obviously I brought them home, and today finally had them scanned in, and holy wow they are beautiful!!

NOW this is where I need the Internet’s help. I would absolutely love to find the women in these photographs/the photographer who took them. The only info I have is that the negatives were found in a thrift store on Hull St in Richmond, VA. They are medium format, and judging by the style of dress, made in 1940-1950. The owner of the thrift store had no idea where they came from. I’m posting the best/clearest scans of the images, so if y’all could share this around, HOPEFULLY we can make it go viral and find the original photographer/subjects!!!!

**UPDATE: Use the hashtag ‪#‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives‬ when sharing!!

This is what the pictures look like.


The women pictured have their faces turned from the camera and are hanging out on a beach somewhere at that special time when the sky and sea and the sand all appear roughly the same color and texture. There are shades of Kate Chopin’s Edna Pontellier walking into the ocean, fully clothed and never looking back. There are hints of what could’ve been a fashion shoot that got a little too dark for the era. Maybe these are the rejected submissions in a promising art student’s portfolio. We don’t know. This might be an actual, genuine mystery, something good and curious and strange and haunting that the internet can use its hive mind to solve.

Or, it’s an exceedingly clever viral marketing campaign for a horror movie about a giant squid. I hope it’s not that. I really do.

So! #FindTheGirlsInTheNegatives. Show all the older, boss-ass women in your life these photos. See if they know. Together, we can Nancy Drew the shit out of this. Let’s for once use the collective power of the internet for good.

[h/t Jezebel]