Enterprising Young Ladies Catfish ISIS, Bilk Them Out Of Thousands

Dear Nev and Max,

I’ve been talking to these girls for a little while, and it seems like they totally want to join my terrorist organization. We’ve exchanged pictures, and I feel like we have a real connection. Only problem so far is that I gave them $3,300 to move here, and I haven’t heard from them since! Should I hold out and hope they come around, or have I been scammed?


Suspicious in Syria

Ok, ok. This is not an episode of “Catfish.” But, three girls from Chechnya apparently scammed some ISIS dudes who contacted them through their social media profiles. Eventually, they started sending them fake pictures and convincing them that they were really into joining up. The girls got them to send them money to move to Syria, but instead of taking them up on that, they took the $3,300 and spent it on a vacation for themselves.

They are now being charged with fraud, which sounds like some serious bullshit. I am not familiar with Chechen law, but I feel like people who defraud a United Nations designated terrorist organization by not joining that organization should get a medal of some kind, rather than jail time or a fine or whatever. Right?