“Bob Saget” Talks To Children About Strippers In This Clip From the Lifetime “Full House” Movie

Perhaps you’ve been spending the past two months scrubbing your brain clean of the nightmare that was the first official cast photo of Lifetime’s “Full House: The Unauthorized Story.” Maybe you’ve gotten most of it out of your brain, which is handy, because it clears space for this clip, the first to be released ahead of the premiere on August 22nd.

That Uncle Joey, once it opens its mouth and speaks, doesn’t not look like Dave Coulier. If you squint, that baby he proffers looks like an Olsen. Also, they nailed Miley Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston’s wig, but they went a little too far with his low-back tank. Also, Fake Bob Saget feels totally comfortable talking to Fake Jodi Sweetin/Stephanie about strippers and life on the pole.

In any case, this is going to be something special. [h/t Mashable]