These Are The Lipsticks Of Our Lives

Today, according to someone, somewhere, is National Lipstick Day. This is a madeup holiday that exists to sell makeup and things you don’t need, but it is ALSO a fine time to dig deep into your purse, pull out those tubes you can’t do without and recommend your faves to your friends and strangers on the internet. Lipstick, honestly, is awesome. It’s the easiest way to make you look and feel better if a bad day has you feeling like hot garbage inside. Lipstick is transformative. Here are some of our favorites. Shares yours in the comments!

MEGAN: I just went into my designated lipstick bag, and pulled out seven actual lipsticks, one tube of long lasting gloss and a weird lip/cheek stain thing that I think was sent to the office for free.  I’d say these are my favorites, but that changes daily; there’s also an entire box at home that holds my Winter Lewks, because I am a firm believer in seasons.

Revlon Moon Drops in Blasé Apricot: Purchased in a fit of pique at a Duane Reade around the corner, it’s the perfect tangerine that sadly, looks weird on my mouth but maybe not yours.

Poppy King For J. Crew Lipstick: I braved Fashion Week crowds in Soho to get this thing, paid too much money for it, and then lost it in 3 days. It was limited edition! But, I found it recently, and it’s a reddish orange that doesn’t make my teeth look yellow.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sandalwood Beige: Another recruit in my endless search to find a nude lipstick that’s J.Lo nude instead of Kylie Jenner-nude.

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick in Matte Style: This cost $2, it’s a perfect reddish-magenta, and a handsome stranger wiped a stray spot of it off my cheek when I was standing outside a bodega buying beer for a wedding reception. Not bad.

Maybelline Matte in Faint For Fuschia: A bright pink that lasts forever and doesn’t fade. Done. Bye.

AMELIA: I was never a lipstick person, mostly because I have no upper lip really, and I was intimidated by the whole idea of “enhancing” what I have. Then I finally faced my fear at, like, age 34, put on a random red lipstick I got at work and was totally SOLD. So now I only wear red lipstick. These are my faves:

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl: People love NARS’s bright, nearly-neon, orange-y red Heat Wave lipstick, but I happen to think this lip pencil in the bright motherfuckin’ red shade Dragon Girl is more universally flattering. I was introduced to it by a makeup artist when I did a TV appearance early last year, and for the first time ever, I felt like I looked like a super glam version of myself on screen, as opposed to Amelia’s body with someone’s else’s face stapled to my head. It’s simply the best red.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motorhead: Yeah, I know it seems weird that the heavily tattooed chick who dated Jesse James after Sandra Bullock has a makeup line, but she does, and goddamnit, it’s pretty great. This particular shade stops just short of being totally goth, and the deep, deep, deep blackish aubergine goes on matte, so you have to make sure your lips are moisturized and not scaly.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Miss Scarlet: This is my latest tried-and-true every day red lipstick. It’s super pigmented deep ruby, with just a hint of brick-y brown, and looks both serious and sexy at the same time.

ROBYN: If I ever am able to use my platform as a ladyblogger for anything truly good in this world, I would like to use it to convince Chanel to BRING BACK MY GODDAMNED LIPSTICK. Chanel Glossimer in Force was a burgundy/wine-ish color with gold flecks and it looked fantastic always. It was the most perfect lip color to have ever existed, in the history of all lip colors. It was beautiful. It was all I needed in the world and then one day it was gone. Gone! I realize that there are places that will recreate it for me, but they are super expensive. I just want Chanel to bring it back. The world will be so grateful, and probably like a bajillion times prettier. Until then, I wear these lipsticks:

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red: There’s a reason it’s a classic – this super true red looks good on almost anyone. I’ve tried tons and tons of reds, and I keep going back to this one because it’s always perfect, and it makes my skin look really great unlike orangier reds that often make me look a little pallid.

J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion: It’s the best burgundy/wine color that I’ve found since my most beloved lipstick of all time was discontinued. And trust, I have been searching for like five years. I got this in my Ipsy bag a few months ago, and it was like a godsend. I was even happier when I found out that it’s actually super cheap and will only cost me about $7 to replace when I run out, which will probably be very soon.

KATRIN: I’ve got olive skin, with dark hair and dark eyes, and while I go for nudes sometimes, color is king in my book. The two incredible colors that have proved the best for me are:

Smashbox in Punch Drunk Matte: Great for spring into summer but honestly could probably work year round if you wear bright clothing a lot. It stays on well, doesn’t overdry or smell weird and is not too light or bright for my olive skin tone.

Givenchy in Framboise Velours: This is great for fall and winter, but also summer nights … okay, it’s actually a perfect year round lipstick color, to be honest. It’s so fresh and brings out the color in your cheeks! It’s pricey but worth it. Also my version has a leather cover which is tres chic! Trust the French with lipstick, they know what they’re doing.