No, Just No: Jose Canseco Plans To “Live As A Woman” For A Week In “Support” Of Caitlyn Jenner

According to TMZ, four-fingered former baseball player Jose Canseco says that on his upcoming reality show, “Spend The Day With Jose,” he’ll be showing his support for Caitlyn Jenner by “living as a woman” for a week. While it’s nice and all that Canseco is supportive of Jenner and her recent gender transition, my first instinct upon seeing TMZ’s headline was to preemptively cringe at what a numskull like Canseco could interpret that to mean. And lo, according to TMZ, Canseco has validated my concern by explaining that he’ll be putting on a dress, makeup and high heels, and then doing normal activities like bowling.

Like all “_____ For A Week!” exercises, in which privileged people attempt to experience what it’s like to lack privilege in some way – Tyra Banks’s “fat for a week” stunts come to mind — Canseco’s show of support for Jenner is shallow and stupid at best, and totally offensive at worst, however well-intentioned he may be. Though I would argue that a truly well-intentioned friend looking to show their support for someone who is part of a marginalized community would actually listen to that person’s experience and recognize that living like _________ involves so much more than a “costume.” And, in fact, that costume varies so much from person to person that it is nearly irrelevant.

Being a woman has nothing to do with what clothes you wear or what you slather on your face. And as trans women are simply just WOMEN, walking around in a dress and heels for a week shows a piss poor understanding of the actual emotional ramifications of being misgendered your whole life, and is a pretty garbage way of showing support if you ask me. [TMZ]