Kim Kardashian West, What Is This Hype Energy Drink “Film” About?

Kim Kardashian West, what is “Hype” Energy Drink? What is this Audrey Hepburn/Marie Antoinette fantasy? What does riding a bike with fake bangs have to do with energy? Did you fall off the bike because you were tired? Was it the great weight of the Hype Energy Drinks in your bike’s adorable basket that¬†made you tumblr? Do you have insurance for that ring? Have you ever tried Hype Energy Drink? Does it taste okay? Does it taste like Red Bull, and if so, is it sugar-free? Did you talk to Kris about this? Did you talk to Kanye about this? Did you sit down with someone — literally, anyone at this point, it doesn’t matter — and just ask them if this commercial made any sense? Do you miss your short hair? Did you and Kylie talk about the fact that you are starting to turn into the same person?

Any answers would be swell, Kim. Thank you for your attention to this matter.