Dr. Suniti Solomon, India’s Pioneering HIV Researcher, Died This Week


Chelsea Manning has written an essay about serving in the military while trans, and while she believes that there are many, many more steps to take before service actually accommodates the needs of trans service members, she says that Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s announcement that policies about trans service members will change is a good first step. [The Guardian]


Dr. Suniti Solomon, India’s pioneering HIV/AIDS researcher, died this Tuesday at the age of 76. Solomon was the first doctor in India to dedicate her work to documenting and studying HIV, and she set up the country’s first voluntary testing and counseling center. [TIME]


Did you know that marital rape was legal in the United States through the mid-80s? It was only then that states started drafting legislation that ceased to discriminate between marital and non-marital rape. The notion that a spouse could not be raped was based on very old ideas about wives as marital property. [The Daily Beast]


Check out Japanese artist Lauren Brevner’s collage paintings of women, using traditional materials such as leafing, chiyogami, yuzen, and washi, and drawing from abstract, Art Nouveau, and traditional Japanese traditions. [Hi Fructose]
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