Cindy Crawford Is Developing A Series About The Great Modeling Wars Of The ’80s

Noted Supermodel (and star of an infomercial about skin cream I always wake up to when I pass out on the couch) Cindy Crawford is developing a television series about the 1980s “modeling wars” between Elite Models and Ford Models. Who I guess used to argue about who got which supermodels and things? I don’t actually know.

The series, tentatively titled “Icon,” will be entirely fictionalized and will not feature characters who are supposed to be real people. Although, who are we kidding, we totally know it’ll happen and we’ll be able to pick out when it does.

I have high hopes for this, as I honestly kind of miss the ’80s and ’90s style soaps, and this sounds like it might be less “Mad Men” and more that. I am also still disappointed that the “Who’s The Boss” spin-off “Living Dolls” starring Leah Remini and Halle Berry attending some kind of modeling boarding school never took off.

I also have some suggestions for how it could actually be the best show ever.

1. Go full Jackie Susann

Call it trash or camp if you want, but there is a reason “Valley of The Dolls” is one of the bestselling books of all time.

I am hoping that instead of trying to be very serious and “Mad Men” like, that this show will go full camp, and feature lots of breakdowns and bathroom coke breaks and possibly some hair pulling.

2. Hire Tyra as Head Writer or consultant or something.

Tyra Banks is an author, you know. She wrote a book on models who go to Harry Potter wizarding school or something, and have magic powers. Plus, she knows all about this shit. You know if Tyra is involved this show will get weird, and it will be glorious.

3. And starring…André Leon Talley

Ok, ok ok ok. I know you said there were no “real people”–but that does not mean André Leon Talley cannot just play a character that is not André Leon Talley. André Leon Talley is a multifaceted man with a caftan for every occasion, and I would literally watch him eat soup.