Do We Even Need A Reason To Celebrate The 2nd Annual #UnfollowAMan Day?

Today is the second-ish anniversary of National/International #UnfollowAMan Day. This is a day in which you can feel free to scan through your various social feeds and unfollow a man — any man! It doesn’t matter who. Buzzfeed editor Katie Notopolous started this last summer — see her explanation here — and it has taken off like gangbusters.

If you happened to miss the #UnfollowAMan thing the first time around, this is your chance. Ready your “unfollow” finger and take to your feed. Clear out the cobwebs. Get rid of the crap. You are in charge of you, sister. Surround yourself with whatever it is your little heart desires, and you will feel free and light and clear.

Are you not sure whether or not you should unfollow a man? Take solace in the fact that it’s just the internet, and whatever you do carries great weight and also no weight at all. The only thing you need to follow is your heart, friends. But, if that’s not reason enough, here are a few others:

  1. Men are boring and love only talking to other men.
  2. Men will crowd your carefully curated space with their opinions, which are valid, but also sometimes not so much.
  3. Men are boorish and smell funny, and you can certainly sense all of that through their tweets.
  4. Men will more often than not butt into your conversations, deploying a barrage of #actually tweets, saved as if preparing for the end times.
  5. Men are the dominant cultural narrative, yeah? No reason they should dominate your virtual existence too.
  6. Men are good at saying things that make you angry.
  7. Men are really good at making something not sexual suddenly very sexual.
  8. Men can take whatever it is you said and twist it to make it seem like they thought of it instead.
  9. Men are annoying. So are women, but that is not the point of this exercise.
  10. Men require copious amounts of explanation.
  11. Men will repeatedly demand your engagement on a topic that you literally just thought of, tweeted, and moved on from. [Or will try to force you into engaging with them despite you showing no interest EVER, by literally taking screenshots of their blathering on other forums and inserting them into your mentions. — Amelia]
  12. Men will clog your mentions.
  13. Men are exhausting.
  14. Men can be tiresome.
  15. Men do not need any other advantages to exercise their agency in a public forum. That is what the media is for.

Why follow a man when you can follow literally any other woman? Here’s a few to start. Happy tweeting. :)