“Aspiring Clown” Who Threw Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle Says He Is The Victim Here

A trial date has been set for Christian Englander, the Santa Fe man who threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle. Englander is denying that the attack was racially motivated, and is now claiming that he is the real victim in this situation. Why? Because Dave Chappelle swore at him after he hit him in the head with a banana peel.

Englander, an artist and — I shit you not –aspiring clown, is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery and disturbing the peace. Each of the two counts comes with a maximum jail sentence of six months and a fine of $800 He claims to be unaware of the history of racist comments towards black people involving monkeys and the history of racist sports fans throwing bananas at Black athletes.

He claims that the definitely-not-racist incident occurred after Chappelle saw his friend sketching in his sketchbook at a show, asked to look at it and then asked him his name. The friend’s name was — again, I shit you not — “Johnny Appleseed.” Chappelle made some kind of joke about the dude being named Johnny Appleseed, which made Englander upset enough to throw said banana peel.

Englander states that be believes his heckling is an asset to comedians, telling the Santa Fe New Mexican that “In comedy, you get heckled. It seems to me that comes with the job. You heckle to engage. It puts the comedian on the edge. It puts them on their toes.”

Oh, certainly. Because people didn’t come to that show to hear Dave Chappelle’s set, they came to see some unibrowed aspiring clown “heckle” him by throwing a banana peel at his head. That is what the people want.

A few weeks after the incident, by the way, Englander threw a banana at another black man who criticized him for throwing the banana at Dave Chappelle, which he also seems to think was totally hilarious and “the irony of [the] situation [was] too much to pass up.”


Englander has also set up a website celebrating his newfound “celebrity” as the banana thrower.


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