WWJDD: “I Can Squirt, But What If My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Peeing On Him?!”

The latest study out of France (of a dismal seven ladies) concludes that squirting is basically pee. I know that this probably shouldn’t matter as long as I get pleasure from squirting, but it bothers me a little knowing that my man may think I’m peeing on him. Can you please shed some light based on your expertise?

There are different types of squirting. There’s squirting you see in adult films, which is often straight up urine – like the woman says, “Oh, I’m gonna come!” and then just pees all over the place. You can tell too. If you know the anatomical structure of the female body, you know that there’s the urethra, where urine comes from, and then the vagina, where vaginal secretions come from. So, if you watch a squirting scene carefully, you can actually see when the female performer is just pissing all over.

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Ooh dang, did I just pee everywhere?

As far as actual real life squirting goes, there’s debate on whether it happens sometimes because pressure on a certain area makes it so when you have an orgasm you release a little urine as well, and it’s mistaken for “real” squirting, where the liquid actually comes from the vagina as opposed to the urethra. But honestly, who cares if squirting is all urine, or some urine, or none at all!? Why do you care if your boyfriend gets a little piss on him? If he’s excited that you’re squirting, cool! Get on it, guys. Who cares if it’s urine or squirt? Who cares?

If I go up to a girl and say “I want to come on you,” it’s different than if I say “I want to pee on you,” and I think if a girl goes up to a guy and says “I want to squirt on you” versus “I want to pee on you,” it’s treated differently because one is associated with waste and the other is associated with sexual pleasure. But as with all things related to sex, there’s no reason to put squirting into such strict boxes. Personally, peeing feels better to me than having an orgasm. Having an orgasm is kind of boring! And peeing feels really good. It doesn’t satisfy me in the same way, I don’t get sexual pleasure from it, but I enjoy the physical sensation of peeing more — it lasts longer, it’s more of a release and it’s a better feeling. So as far as what I’m going to derive more pleasure from, I would much rather pee on you!

The point is, who cares if it’s pee or squirt as long as you’re both enjoying yourself and are having orgasms? Have fun! It’s sex! Pee, squirt, just let whatever happen happen.

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