What’s The First Ronald McDonald Up To Now? Let This Lynchian Video Tell You

Happy Monday! Here’s a video of the first Ronald McDonald, updating us on what he’s been doing with his life. In a truly Lynchian profile from The Guardian, Joe Maggard goes to the carnival in costume to give kids high-fives, sings a genuinely beautiful rendition of “Send In the Clowns,” and describes the Ronald costume as a superhero costume. Maggard feels that being given the duty to play Ronald McDonald is a sincere honor that he clearly takes seriously – and he’s tickled when interviewer John Dower points out that more men have walked on the moon than have played Ronald McDonald.

I don’t know how this video will start your week, but it started mine with a great big “Welp, that exists in the world,” which isn’t so bad. Raise a cheeseburger to Joe Maggard!

[h/t It’s Nice That]


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