That BS Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Will Not Die


Second Star NYC’s new webseries “Working Title” is about a group of actors who get fired by a sleazy indie filmmaker and decide to make their own movie. It stars plus-sized actress Knilo Solei, and Second Star is making a point of producing a series that has a full-figured actress leading the cast, without underscoring her size as part of the plot. [The Daily Dot]


The Conservative government in England is abolishing housing benefits for young people between 18 and 21, under the premise that young people can just live with their parents instead of receiving government assistance. But many young people can’t, and young women in particular are put at risk of having to move in with abusive partners or into situations where there will be an expectation of exchanging housing for sex. [The F Word]


Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood did nothing that was against the law by asking researchers to pay for the transport costs of fetal tissue samples (that were obtained with their patients’ consent), the issue is continuing to be blown out of proportion, and there may be a taxpayer-dollar-wasting investigation into the non-issue by our Republican Congress. [ABC]


Hunter S. Thompson’s one-time assistant, Cheryl Della Pietra, has released a fictionalized version of her time with the gonzo journalist in 1992. Even if you aren’t a Thompson fan, it does, of course, sound like a hell of a good time to read. [A.V. Club]

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