BEHOLD: Michelle Duggar Rollerskating To “YMCA”

Oh, hey! Happy Monday! Here is Michelle Duggar rollerskating in a rather unwieldy outfit, to noted gay anthem “YMCA.” Which is a little ironic given how much Michelle Duggar really, really dislikes gay people.

The video was posted to the Duggars official page last Thursday, along with a message from Jinger Duggar [I just confirmed with Robyn that this is not a typo, and the child’s name is indeed “Jinger.” — Amelia] exclaiming, “Check this out. Our mom is so much fun! We had a blast skating together yesterday. Check it out. Her skills are mad! She out-skated the whole place … backwards!”

I mean, I guess it’s impressive, given that I would probably faceplant were I to attempt to rollerskate in a skirt that long, but, you know, what would be more impressive would be not having covered up her son’s history of sexual assault. [Christian Nightmares]