Mental Health Company CEO Embezzles $510,000 To Give To Psychic

Erv Brinker, the CEO of mental health company Summit Pointe, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of Medicaid fraud conspiracy and embezzlement. “Oh, big surprise,” you say, “what’s new?”


You see, Brinker embezzled $510,000 to give to a psychic palm reader and her husband in Key West, for what he claimed was some form of health care consulting.

He now faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $5000. He was released on a $25,000 bond–under the condition that he not have contact with Summit Pointe employees, and that he not have contact with any psychic, palm reader or fortune teller whatsoever.

Look. I have some real strong opinions on the ways psychics take advantage of people. For instance, I think it should be 100% illegal for them to prey on families of missing children. That makes me furious to no end. It’s one thing to charge people for pretending like you can tell them when they’re going to meet their true love, or to tell them that their grandmother is watching after them from beyond the grave. It is wholly another to mess with people in an extremely vulnerable situation and then bleed them dry with your utter nonsense. It’s sick.

But I can’t say I have any tears to shed for someone like Brinker. $510,000? To a palm reader? What the hell is any kind of palm reader even doing that you need to steal $510,000 to pay her for it? Do his palms change that often? I mean, I’m sure as hell not buying the “health care counseling” angle. What kind of health care counseling would a palm reader even do? I imagine there has to be something more to it than just like, him getting his palm read every day.

To that end, I am kind of feeling like the absolute last thing Erv Brinker needs is to be the CEO of a Mental Health company. If anything, perhaps he should be seeking help from one.

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