Watch Amy Schumer Totally Own An Asshole Interviewer

On the press tour for her rom-com “Trainwreck,” Amy Schumer had the pleasure to be interviewed by Australian radio hosts Jane Hall and Matt Tilley. Hall and Schumer were talking about the costume designer’s decision to make all of Schumer’s dresses in the movie just a tiny bit on the side of “too short” when Tilley swooped in for this fantastic exchange:

Tilley: Do you have the word “skanky” in America?

Schumer: We do! What made you think about your mom?

[…] Tilley: No, but that’s the character in the movie, I’m not trying to offend you.

Schumer: Whatever you’re trying to do, you are. That’s a rude question.

Tilley: We’re not leaving until we get the car crash moment. Which we would love.

Schumer: Well then you’ll have to get it from your wife when you get home.

From there on, Tilley spent the interview getting schooled on why you don’t fuck with Amy Schumer. She went the scorched-earth route with Tilley, adding later that, “Your mom sounds lovely, and I’d love to see her, but I don’t have any plans to go to the Outback.”

Toward the end of the interview, Hall, who had been cordial and appropriate throughout, said, “I might come by myself next time.” Schumer’s (and maybe all of our?) response: “I love that idea.”


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