Thank Us Later: Kegel Trainer From Olson Apps

So, I know that most of the time that we hear about Kegel exercises, it’s couched in terms of it being, like, The Ultimate Way to Improve Your Sex Life. This, friends, is not a good enough reason to do Kegels. Sure, if you have a vagina, you’ll be able to grip that D like your life depends on it, and that might be a fun experience for you and your partner.

But Kegel exercises are, I’m finding out, more useful for other applications. I’m just going to get real with you all: I have started experiencing the mildest of mild urinary incontinence. I’m 28, and the whole middle of my body is in all sorts of funks right now, and it’s starting to dawn on me just how many ways aging manifests itself, particularly for female bodies. And I’m being real with you about that because I assume that some of you lovelies are going through similar problems. It’s OK, is what I’m saying. Aging is normal. Body changes are weird and at least initially terrifying, but normal.

Anyway, it turns out that your pelvic floor muscles have a whole lot to do with bowel and bladder control – for men and women alike – ergo, having strong pelvic floor muscles will help everything on the back end of your digestive system run more smoothly (and with increased control). Women, if you want some extra incentive, there is the possibility that without strong pelvic floor muscles, your internal organs could – under specific medical circumstances – start lowering into your vagina. If you don’t want your doctor to be able to see your bladder during a routine pelvic exam, I urge you to start doing Kegels.

Making a habit of anything can be a pain in the ass, and too, it’s harder to figure out what a training program for your pelvic floor muscles look like – it’s not like you can go to Muscle and Strength and get a complete 6-week Kegel routine, right? Well, enter Kegel Trainer, an app from Olson Apps that has 15 levels of 10 sessions of Kegel workouts. There’s a free trial version that only includes the first level, but I recommend paying the $5.99 for the expanded version, which on top of adding 14 more levels also removes any references to squeezing and releasing or to the word “Kegel” itself so that literally no one could possibly tell what you’re doing if you decide to do a quick workout on the train or something.

I’ll say this, too: I am not a fan of mindfulness exercises, generally, but I get that focusing your total, full attention on one task can really wipe the mental and emotional slate. Beyond now being on Level 5 of the Kegel Trainer and having commensurately much stronger pelvic floor muscles than I did a week ago, I’ve found that the task of doing these 30-90 second Kegel workouts, just focusing on the timer on the app’s screen and the way my pelvic floor muscles are functioning, has given me a quick way to take a seriously mindful mental break. I honestly think it has made me more productive: Between the articles I write, I take a minute or so to do, say, two Kegel sessions, and then whatever I last wrote is out of my head, so that I can focus on the next topic at hand. It’s like a pelvic pomodoro technique.

I wholeheartedly recommend this app. Even if you’re doing Kegels specifically for sexxxual purposes, I submit that the Kegel Trainer app will make your efforts more focused and effective than just occasionally squeezing your pelvic muscles at odd intervals under your desk. Get that pelvis strong and make a habit of it, friends! Your sixty-year-old self will thank you.

Send me a line at [email protected] and follow me on Facebook. The Kegel Trainer app from Olson Apps is available for iPhone and Android.