Let’s All Go To This Naked Performance Art Festival In Switzerland!

Guys guys guys!!! There’s a naked performance art festival in Switzerland next month! Why do we not have our tickets booked?!

I’m excited about this news for a few reasons, one of which is that Thomas Zollinger, founder of the Body and Freedom Festival, had this to say about the We Make It crowdfunding campaign for the festival:

“I hope for the support of many friends of nakedness.”

O_O I DIE. That is so wonderfully simple. Is that striking anyone else as just a delightful thing to say? Have you even had the chance, in your life, to consider whether or not you are a friend of nakedness? Now’s the time, guys, now’s the time.

Zollinger also notes that most forms of art, performance or otherwise, have been taken out into public – but that “only the naked body seems to remain a taboo.” The festival aims to address that taboo, offering nude performance artworks to a consenting audience.

The festival will run August 21-22 in Biel, Switzerland. If you’re able to make it there, you yourself can participate in the festivities – donors to the We Make It campaign who contribute $292 will get an invitation to a “naked lunch.”



[We Make It]

[Image via We Make It]
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