Ed Sheeran Sharted On Stage Once, But Really, Who Hasn’t, Right?

Noted ginger and well-known Hobbit Ed Sheeran has admitted that he once sharted on stage.  In the video above, he’s playing a quick game of Yes/No, and the questions that he answers “yes” to are rather, revealing. Before admitting to the misjudged fart that quickly turned shart, he also owns up to not changing his underpants for more than three days in a row. He is very casual in admitting the fact that he has pooped his pants on stage, which I think is the best tactic when you’re sharing personal information about singing with a guitar in front of screaming teens with poop in your pants.

Even though he’s a icky lil’ dude who gleefully covers rap songs with nothing but a guitar and a bucket full of sincerity, I think it’s fair to say that no one deserves the humiliation of sharting on stage in front of lots and lots of screaming teens.

[h/t Complex]