Couple Set Homeless Man On Fire, Insist “It Was Just A Prank!”

A New Mexico couple has been arrested after “allegedly” throwing a firework at a sleeping homeless man, setting him on fire and driving away. As a result of this, that man has been in intensive care for the past two weeks.

Joshua Benevidez and Irene Enriquez, both 31, are being charged with “aggravated battery with great bodily harm, tampering with evidence, child abuse and conspiracy.”

The child abuse charge is due to the fact that their kids were with them when the firework was thrown.

Enriquez and Benevidez explained to reporters from KFOR Albuquerque that it was a prank and they were “just trying to scare him.”

Their children have told police that Benevidez threw the firework out of his moving SUV. They say that he noticed that the man’s pants were smoldering, and Enriquez suggested they go back to throw water on them, but Benevidez insisted they just keep driving away. He later painted his SUV white, and originally told police he had no involvement with the crime.

What kind of sociopath plays a “prank” on a homeless person? Who looks at a person who is homeless and thinks “Oh, that guy probably doesn’t have enough problems in his life, maybe I should set him on fire?” What could anyone–particularly a grown adult with children–feel they would get out of “scaring” a homeless person? What kind of human drives away after setting another person on fire? Who the fuck throws a firework at another person and thinks it’s somehow whimsical? I just cannot get past any of this. It’s horrible. 

This guy needs to be in jail, he needs to be away from those kids–because let me tell you, someone that lacking in empathy is a serious danger to society. Enriquez, at least, appears to have some remorse, but if you look at Benevidez’s face, it is cold as hell.