Converse Redesigns Chucks For The First Time In 98 Years

Messing with the simple beauty of the Chuck Taylor hightop seems tantamount to futzing with the way a McDonald’s french fry tastes. Why try to improve on what is already a classic? Sometimes, change is for the best. Converse rolled out a slightly-updated version of its classic Chuck Taylor shoe Thursday and thankfully, not that much has changed.

For the most part, its the same looking shoe you scribbled song lyrics on in ninth-grade. The eyelets now match the color of the shoe itself, which makes them look a teensy bit more refined. That they didn’t fuck with the way these shoes look is wonderful. They did, however, make a billion improvements to the inside of the actual shoe, so that you might be able to wear Chucks without wanting to rip their feet off and throw them in the ocean.

The sole will be made with Lunarlon, which is a springy rubbery thing that Nike came up with. There’s also improvements to the breathability of the shoe, meaning that you’ll be able to actually wear them for more than one sweaty summer without murdering everyone within a three block radius from the stench when you take them off.

All good things afoot! If you want to encase your lil’ tootsies in the new and improved Chucks, open your wallet up wide and vomit out $15 more than you’re used to paying. The high-tops go for $75, and the low-tops for $70. Hmph.