“Big Brother” Says Goodbye (For Now?) To Audrey Middleton, The Show’s First Transgender Houseguest

On last night’s live episode of “Big Brother,” Audrey Middleton, the reality show’s first transgender houseguest, was evicted from the house, as had been expected. Prior to the live vote, CBS aired a segment about Audrey’s experience coming out publicly for the first time, and right away, to her fellow houseguests, featuring interviews with Audrey’s family about her transition. The segment was, I thought, so well done, and Audrey’s family had such important and beautiful things to say, that I wanted to share it here.

Going into this season, knowing that there was going to be a transgender woman in the house, I was definitely worried about how much Audrey would be accepted by her fellow houseguests. The show casts people who come from all walks of life and backgrounds, including conservative and religious ones that typically aren’t necessarily known for their tolerance. To be quite honest, I expected at the very least that the livefeeds would capture a few houseguests sharing ignorant opinions on Audrey’s gender identity. But y’all, that did not happen. As Audrey said in her exit interview with host Julie Chen, the houseguests embraced her immediately and never questioned her identity as a woman, displaying a level of not just tolerance but acceptance that surprised and moved her. Unfortunately, the high pressure environment was an emotional incubator that made Audrey deploy some bad, if entertaining, game play, hence her eviction.

BUT! Is this the last we’ll see of Audrey in the “Big Brother” house? I don’t think so. I suspect Audrey was actually sent to sequester, as Julie Chen did not clue her in to any of the various “twists” happening this season, as she did with the previously eliminated houseguests. Betcha anything Audrey will have a shot of reentering the house and I, for one, would love to see that happen.