Texas Authorities Are Seriously Trying To Imply Marijuana May Have Contributed To Sandra Bland’s Alleged “Suicide”

Let me just start this post off by saying FUCK YOU to CNN and MSNBC, two news networks that chose to cut away from today’s press conference on the pathological findings and initial autopsy results in the death of Sandra Bland in favor of covering the latest stop on Donald Trump’s Presidential Horseshit Traveling Circus. Donald Trump’s face already makes me angry, but seeing the two biggest TV news outlets (Fox News does not count) prioritize his racist schtick over the life of a Black woman who died in police custody under suspicious circumstances after being unlawfully arrested MAKES ME ANGRIER.

I would like to write the rest of this post in all caps to properly convey my rage, but I won’t. At least not the whole thing.

The second thing I need to say before I continue is that I really am taking anything said by anyone who is or is associated with Texas authorities — the Sheriff’s department, the District Attorney’s office and the medical examiner — with a grain of salt. Every goddamn thing these people have touched in regards to that woman’s arrest and death is potentially tainted, as far as I’m concerned. Contradictory medical intake forms! Dash cam video that, oh, whoops, uploaded weird, haha, must have been a glitch, we swear it’s not doctored! Garbage bags, perfect for fashioning into a noose to hang yourself with, readily available in jail cells!!!! That said, here is what was communicated by the Texas assistant district attorney during today’s press conference. Which I had to stream online. Because CNN and MSNBC are garbage.

Waller County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam said that Bland’s body lacked any signs that a violent struggle had occurred, concluding that “I have not seen any evidence to indicate that this is a homicide.” (The assumption being that there had to have been a violent struggle before Bland was killed. Why? I DON’T KNOW.) He showed photos of evidence, like the plastic trash bag fashioned into a noose that Bland allegedly used to allegedly hang herself from a partition in her jail cell, as well as a closeup of a “deep scar” allegedly on Bland’s neck. They have requested additional forensic evidence on the bag. (I would like to know what kind of trash bags they were exactly, so that someone NOT ASSOCIATED with Texas in any way can test its ability to hold the weight of Bland’s six-foot frame. And by the way, if so, why did Bland have something she could use to harm herself or someone else inside her jail cell?)

Bland had ligature marks on her wrists, likely from being handcuffed by Officer Brian Lying Sack Of Shit Encinia. She also allegedly had 30 healing cuts on her left forearm, approximately two to four weeks old, “consistent with self-inflicted wounds.” It is worth noting that self-harm, like cutting, is not the same as cutting yourself as a method of suicide.

Last but not least, the real meat at the center of this shit sandwich of an investigation, is the PRESENCE OF MARIJUANA in Bland’s system, possibly a substantial amount. The ADA went on to suggest/hint/imply that THE DEVIL’S WEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD may have contributed to Bland committing suicide in the following GARBAGE ways:

  • Had she smoked prior to being arrested, that dank shit and its CUHHHHHRAZYYYYYY mild-altering effects would still be working in her system in the days after, the implication being that marijuana can influence depressed people to kill themselves. “Reefer Madness” IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY. Speaking as a depressed person who smokes weed, I can attest to the opposite. I find this world more tolerable after a little marijuana, frankly. But I am but one stoner, so here is a study which says that marijuana may actually reduce suicide rates.
  • Or maybe MARIJUANA WITHDRAWAL pushed her over the edge?! Fascinating, what are these withdrawal symptoms and are they severe? No, in fact, marijuana withdrawal is subtle and symptoms include things like decreased sleep, irritability and decreased calorie intake, but not SUICIDAL THOUGHTS or ACTIONS.
  • OR MAYBE SANDRA BLAND SMUGGLED WEED INTO THE JAIL. SERIOUSLY, THEY SUGGESTED THAT. “Practically anything can be smuggled into any jail,” the DA’s office said. Oh. Really? Wow. Tight operation you run there. Kudos. So you’re saying it’s possible that Sandra Bland, who appeared to be wearing a jersey maxi dress, smuggled a ton of weed into the jail after being suddenly dragged out of her car and arrested? Why? So she could smoke a doobie in her cell? How would she smuggle it in? You searched her didn’t you? Or are you saying she maybe swallowed a ton of weed and planned on pooping it out so smoke? Or are you saying she might have died from all the pot she consumed that she never pooped out? If she smoked it, why did no one smell it? DID SHE VAPE?!?!?! Wait, I thought she died by hanging?

Marijuana didn’t have jack shit to do with Sandra Bland’s death. This is a bullshit distraction and victim-blaming tactic that has been used time and time again in cases where authorities want to manipulate the public into blaming POC for their own deaths. It is garbage. If the toxicology results prove that the marijuana was taken WHILE she was in custody, I am far, far, far more likely to believe it was planted on her than she brought it with her to jail. COME ON. NOPE. STOP IT.

And now I am going to go calm down and chillax a little and focus on the good things in the world. By smoking weed. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT DOES.

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