Shooting Victim Says Police Blew Off Previous Reports Of Rape, Kidnapping And Arson

This past Friday, in Benedicta, Maine, five people were shot (two killed, three injured) and a woman raped and kidnapped. That woman, Brittany Irish, is holding police partially responsible for the crime, which she believes would not have occurred had they done their jobs.

The man who committed the shooting spree, Anthony Lord, had become obsessed with Irish following the death of his six-month old child. Last Tuesday the 17th, Irish says he kidnapped her for a night, took her to a remote cabin, strangled her and raped her four times. He let her go and told her he’d let her live if she didn’t contact the police.

She did, however, contact the state police, and told them what he said and did. Guess what the first thing they did after that was? Well, they called Lord up and told him about the report. They did not, however, arrest him.

Several days later, on Friday, Irish’s mother’s barn was set on fire. Assuming this was the work of Anthony Lord and fearing for her mother’s safety, she and her boyfriend Kyle Hewitt and their children drove from Bangor to Benedicta to take care of her.

Again, Irish contacted the state police, and asked for protection, given that there was a crazy man trying to kill her and her family. She was blown off and told they didn’t have the manpower for that.

Later that night, Lord came back. With a gun. He shot five people total, killing two, including Irish’s boyfriend Kyle Hewitt. He then abducted her again, and raped her again, and was eventually, finally arrested by police in his uncle’s home where he was holding her.

Even after all of this, Brittany Irish says that police are telling her she has no injuries, despite the fact that she was shot and is covered in bruises, as you can see in this video.

Anthony Lord has been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping, and the state police are saying they can’t possibly comment at this time given that it’s an open homicide case. Lord has quite a criminal record on him, which includes convictions for domestic assault, criminal threatening and assault, and was convicted in 2004 of “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a 14 year-old.

I think there is absolutely no question that Kyle Hewitt and Kevin Tozier (whom Lord happened upon and killed during his rampage) would be alive right now if police had done anything even vaguely resembling what their job was supposed to be. Starting with maybe not calling up a guy who just raped and kidnapped someone and told them he’d murder her if she told the police, to notify him that she told the police, without arresting him. I want to know who, exactly, thought that was a great idea.

Second, as Irish correctly points out in the above video–somehow they found the manpower to come by the now significantly more empty house after two people were murdered. They couldn’t have spared one person to come by after the barn was burned? Are you kidding me? What use even are they? What is the point of them? What were they doing? I would actually love to see a record of what every one of them were doing the night those people were shot. Being that they were in Maine of all places, I sincerely doubt it was anything more pressing.

Lord will almost surely go to jail for his crimes, but let’s hope those police officers are held to the fire as well.

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