Meagan Taylor, Profiled For Being Black And Transgender, Is Out Of Jail


Meagan Taylor, the Black transgender woman who was profiled and arrested in Iowa and held in jail on dubious charges, is now free! Her story went viral and a transgender San Francisco minister hosted an IndieGoGo to raise money for Taylor’s bail. Taylor told the Transgender Law Center, “Words cannot express the way I feel to be out. I want to thank everyone who shared my story, and let people know that I am going to seek justice for what they did profiling me as a Black transgender woman.” [TransGriot]



While trans women, and especially trans women of color, are far more likely than other demographic sections of the LGBT community to be killed in hate crimes, it’s notable that other forms of violence like stalking and domestic violence happen as often to transmasculine people as they do to transfeminine people. [The Advocate]



Apparently, until this week, you could get married at the age of 14 in Spain. The Spanish government just raised the legal marrying age from 14 to 16, just months after raising the age of consent from 13 to 16. Children’s rights groups are, of course, extremely pleased with the changes. [BBC]



When legendary post-punk and queer photographer Nan Goldin moved from the Bowery to Brooklyn last year, she found 50 previously unexhibited photos from her time photographing drag queens in Boston. Those photos are now on show at Guido Costa Projects in Turin. [It’s Nice That]
[Image via Meagan Taylor]