Delicious Spartan Models Arrested In Beijing

Sweetie Salad, a food delivery service in China, deployed dozens of half-naked foreign men in Spartan dress as a marketing stunt in Beijing, and all sorts of mayhem ensued. A crowd gathered, of course, and the men got mobbed by onlookers:

china spartans crowd

Many of whom were pretty stoked to take pictures with the Spartans:

china spartans selfie

But, according to China Daily, “the volume of onlookers was deemed disturbing by authorities,” so the cops had to subdue the threat:

china spartans arrest

That picture makes me so, so sad inside.

According to state media, a witness described the scene as such: “Handsome Spartan warriors tried to occupy the Chinese capital but were defeated by our awesome police in five seconds.” Which totally sounds like a person and not propaganda, yessirreebob.

Come to America, Sweetie Salad! We probably won’t arrest your models here. We have a whole day dedicated to taking off your pants on public transportation every year.


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[Images via China Xinhua News]
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