Why Is Lululemon Launching A Beer Called “Curiousity Lager”?

Beer and yoga: Two great things that go great together, I guess?  That, apparently, seems to be the thinking for transparent-pant company Lululemon, who announced on Instagram today that they’re releasing a limited edition beer called “Curiousity Lager.” According to the New York Daily News, the beer will be on sale at the 2015 SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon in Vancouver later this summer, and will hit liquor store shelves in Canada soon.

The can has a totem pole on it, which is a cool way to appropriate a sacred symbol and use it to sell a beer made with “chinook and lemon drop hops” to a bunch of outdoor fitness enthusiasts at a festival put on by Lululemon.  This detail did not go unnoticed by Instagram followers. Here’s what one had to say:

Not okay! Did you even consider collaborating with a local Indigenous artist before you created a caricature of such a sacred and meaningful thing as a totem? Did you know that the totems in Xway-Xway park were brought from Haida Gwaii – and are different from the kinds of carvings Coast Salish people engaged in?

This, somehow, is just what you’d expect from the people that would willingly attend this event and that would also reach their thin arms into a cooler full of ice and pull out a crisp, refreshing, “Curiousity Lager.”

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