Thank Us Later: Get A Salon-Like Blowout At Home, Even If You Are Uncoordinated

Here are two important things to know about me for the purposes of this article: I am extremely uncoordinated, and I have difficult hair. Very, very difficult hair, and a lot of it. My hair is straight, wavy and curly in various places on my head, and frizzy all over. I wouldn’t say it’s bad hair, but it’s not easy hair. I would best describe it as Gilda-esque.

gilda radner

Which is cute sometimes, but tough to pull off all of the time. At least for me.

It was kind of a source of insecurity when I was in middle school, back before hair irons were a thing and even, I think, before Frizz Ease existed. I don’t think we came across Frizz Ease until I was 14 maybe, and I still hail that as one of the great turning points of my life, despite using better products now. There were an unfortunate few years there where I thought I was too mature to have my mom blow dry my hair for me, but had no products I could really use to get the job done myself.

Until, one day, I think when I was around 16, my mom found this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.06.06 PM

I have used this kind of blowdryer ever since — I can’t even begin to figure out how to use the regular kind anymore. It’s really hard to manage the whole round brush + blow dryer thing for me — especially since I have a lot of hair, and again, am not exactly coordinated. My left hand is of no help in most situations.

Plus, round brushes have pretty much been my worst enemy since that time when I was a kid and thought you could use them to curl your hair and got it stuck and then had to sit still for two hours while my Nana unwound all my hair from it.

With this dryer though? I get the exact same results I get at a salon — like, I live above a salon and the girls sometimes ask me if I actually went out and got a professional blowout when I go down to get packages and steal their cookies. To boot, it’s also significantly faster. Like, it only takes me about 15 minutes or so, which is pretty good for me. I also don’t have to iron my hair, which is great, because I am not that into super flat hair anyway. Hooray for time saving!

I’ve used both this Conair 1875 Ionic Hair Styler thingy and the Vidal Sassoon one, with pretty much the same results. Bonus? They’re both under $26 bucks.

Basically all you have to do is turn the dryer on and then brush your hair section by section, and then flip your head over and brush it that way until it’s dry, and you’re good to go. No round brush necessary! Personally, I never bother with the comb attachments and only use the brush one, but it comes with two combs and a brush.

The only downside is that I do have to replace them about every two years, because the brushes sometimes get worn out from use or the things that hold them on melt and they don’t stay on. That kind of sucks, but I maintain that it’s totally worth it if you have hard to manage hair and can’t quite get that whole two handed dryer/round brush thing down.

Anyway, for the curious, here is what my hair looks like when I let it air dry and don’t scrunch or anything:

wavy hair

I did put some de-frizzing stuff in it, but this is pretty much what it does when left to its own devices. Also please ignore the lipstick on my teeth, and my awkward growing-out stage bangs and the fact that I’ve never quite mastered the art of the selfie because I feel like a weirdo taking pictures of myself, and I’ve never bothered to mess with that Perfect365 app Amelia made me download.

And this is my hair with the crazy hair dryer styler thing!

straight hair

TADA! Trust me, you’ll be obsessed.