Paula Abdul Recreates Iconic “Opposites Attract” Video With James Cordon

Last night on the “Late Late Show,” Paula Abdul stopped by to recreate her iconic “Opposites Attract” video with host James Cordon.

As you will surely recall, the song and video for “Opposites Attract” tell the beautiful story of the star-crossed love affair between Ms. Abdul and a cartoon rapping cat who likes to smoke and party all night. For the purposes of this video, James Cordon portrayed MC Skat Kat. Technically. the choreography is not the same, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Also, I would like to share with you this fact that I just found out — apparently, MC Skat Kat was basically a Prince protegé by proxy. He was voiced by Bruce DeShazer and Marv Gunn, who were previously in the band Mazarati, formed by Prince bassist Brownmark, and Prince produced their album. Which only proves my theory that Prince is probably the most important person in the universe. Paula Abdul, by the way, is also Prince adjacent. All roads lead back to either Prince, or to Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, and this is a theory I intend to flesh out in the future.

For posterity, here is the original “Opposites Attract” video:

And here is another video I found featuring MC Skat Kat and Stevie Wonder and Pat Benatar and Randy Newman and Queen Latifah and Bette Midler and B.B. King (ETC. ETC.) singing about not littering. It’s pretty amazing and is quite honestly pretty much making my life right now.