America Has Its First-Ever All-Transgender Modeling Agency!


A vocal contingent of conservative residents in Fresno, California got worked up into a downright tizzy over the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision, and decided to write their local paper, the Fresno Bee, to talk allllll about how gay marriage is bad, bad, bad. Hero local resident Carol Fleisig, however, shut down all of their arguments with one pithy and concise 150-word letter to the editor, opening with, “What a tempest in a teapot! The recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage has no impact on anyone who is not gay.” Go Carol! [Queerty]



After a video leaked of 19-year-old Vine star Carter Reynolds raping his 16-year-old girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, she broke up with him. He then did a two-hour YouNow stream in which he called her a slut in front of millions of people and claimed that he deserves more respect from her. During the livestream, Lindemann wound up in the hospital, and when Reynolds received the news, he said that Lindemann is “just crazy and psychotic.” Burn everything. I hope Lindemann is OK. [The Daily Beast]



Twitter is in the middle of a class-action lawsuit for widespread gender discrimination, and they made the incredibly wise and reasonable decision to make their weekly happy hour frat party-themed, because there’s no gender stigma there. A photo of the party went viral, and the company has released a statement acknowledging that the theme was in poor taste. [The Guardian]



The first-ever modeling agency exclusively for transgender models has opened in L.A.! Apple Model Management opened its first location in Thailand last year, and is now accepting applications for trans* models in the U.S. [The Advocate]
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