Taylor Swift Tries To Come For Nicki Minaj, Fails Spectacularly

Life-sized Polly Pocket doll Taylor Swift’s video for “Bad Blood” was nominated for a whole mess of MTV VMAs this year, including Video Of The Year. Noticeably absent from the nominations was Nicki Minaj’s video for “Anaconda”. Perhaps you’re familiar with it?  Perhaps you’re also familiar with the infinite amount of memes that floated around the internet once the cover art for the single dropped? Let us refresh your memory.

nicki minaj meme 2

Carry on.

Miss Minaj took to Twitter to express her profound disappointment that “Anaconda” wasn’t nominated for Video of the Year or Best Choreography. Her video, if you were wondering, broke Vevo’s streaming record, garnering 19.6 million views in its first day. This is not small potatoes, folks. So, Minaj took some time out of her very busy touring schedule do blow off some steam about this transgression.

Is this shade? Nah. Mostly, it reads like disappointment that her work, which by all accounts is worthy of awards if you’re measuring it against whatever rubric MTV uses, wasn’t nominated for Video Of The Year. She took the time to really go in on beauty standards in popular culture and the music industry, saying things that are relevant, important and worthy of discussion.

You know who was nominated for Video Of The Year? Taylor “My #Squad Is Better Than Yours” Swift.

Taylor Swift took a break from braiding Lorde’s hair and sticking pins in her Katy Perry voodoo doll to defend herself against a perceived attack. 

Sensing swiftly(LOL) that she misread the situation, or trying to get herself out of this sticky mess that she just wandered into, Taylor offered a half-hearted attempt to get herself on the right side of history. This is the equivalent of telling someone that they can touch the trophy you just won.

It’s crucial to note that not a single thing Nicki Minaj said had to do with Taylor specifically. She didn’t call her out by name. She simply made a few statements rooted in truth about the inequality present in pop music. This is fine. This is normal. This is what you do if you’re mad and feeling a way about something. She’s not acting out. There’s no finger-pointing or name calling, just some tweets from a place of realism. Taylor’s offer feels empty. Mother Minaj saw through it.

It’ll be interesting to see how Swift defends herself. As someone with a public-facing persona that’s a smooth, taut carapace of purported female friendship and a new Girl Power, this is a chink in her smooth, bellybutton-less armor. You came for Nicki, Taylor, without doing your homework. You might regret this one.