French Teen’s AIDS Has Been In Remission For Over 10 Years


An 18-year-old woman in France has been in AIDS remission for over ten years after stopping treatments. Her mother had the virus when she was born, and it was transmitted during pregnancy or childbirth. The girl was immediately treated with anti-retroviral drugs, but her family decided to stop the treatment when she was six years old. This is the longest known period of remission after ceasing treatment. [BBC]


A 63-year-old mother of five was publicly beheaded in the city of Assam in India under accusations of practicing witchcraft. Over the last six years, more than 100 women have been killed in Assam during witch hunts. The propagator of this witch hunt has been arrested along with accomplices. India’s state is considering legislation that would make it illegal to accuse a woman of witchcraft. [TIME]


Despite the fact that at least one wrestler on WWE’s roster – Darren Young – is gay, GLBT wrestling fans are still waiting on a coming-out story in a WWE character’s storyline. The closest they’ve come is Goldust, but that was implicit, and the wrestler playing the character denied Goldust’s homosexuality in 1996. It’s a form of entertainment that plays with homoeroticism but remains basically homophobic. [The Daily Beast]


The neurodiversity movement is providing a space for adults with autism to band together and take pride in who they are, as they are. Neurodiversity advocates want to change the way our culture speaks about and treats people with autism, rather than trying to get people with autism to change their behavior to appear to be more neurotypical. [Washington Post]

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