Classy Fella Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Telephone Number In Televised Speech

In a televised speech today in South Carolina, Donald Trump decided to give out the personal cell number of Senator Lindsey Graham. This was in response to Graham’s having suggested that Trump stop being a “jackass” in regards to calling Mexicans rapists and criticizing John McCain and other prisoners of war for having gotten captured. Which, surely, is not a thing Trump would have done were he to have actually served in Vietnam.

The number has since been proven to be authentic, and Graham tweeted:

I can’t believe I have to go here again, but I am hardly the world’s biggest fan of Lindsey Graham. He just recently defended the Confederate flag! I would not, however, give out his personal fucking phone number. I wouldn’t give out Trump’s personal phone number either, because I’m not a school yard bully or a person who frequents 4chan.

Still, the Republican base seemingly loves him. Because having bad manners and acting like a jackass are things they can respect? Is it safe to assume that the more horrid he is, the more they will love him? The dude is literally Regina George-ing his way right into their hearts. I checked the comments section of The Blaze’s article on this incident, and they all very much approve of Trump’s actions. At this point, in fact, they seem to be relatively unanimous on the fact that Trump is the only real Conservative in the running.

Sarah Palin, in fact, announced today that she thought Trump was just as much of a hero for calling Mexicans rapists as John McCain was for being a prisoner of war. Which I guess means that a lot of people’s drunk racist uncles are great American heroes as well.