Liz Kendall To Daily Mail Over Weight Question: “Fuck Off!”

When Daily Mail profiler Simon Walters asked Labour Party leadership hopeful Liz Kendall how much she weighed for her Mail on Sunday profile, she just turned straight-up badass on him:

“Her jacket, navy blue ‘vest’ and trousers are from Reiss. L.K. Bennett and Reiss are two of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite fashion brands – and slinky brunette Liz, or Elizabeth Louise, to give her full Royal-sounding Christian names, looks as good in them as slinky brunette Kate. In fact she looks the same weight as the Duchess – about 8st – though when I ask she slaps me down with a raucous ‘f*** off!’, adding quickly: ‘Don’t print that.’”

Dude, the Daily Mail is just awful. How is that political reporting? The BBC points out, and it’s worth noting, that Simon Walters has done this to dudes, too: When Walters profiled chancellor George Osborne, he dedicated a fair chunk of the profile to discussing Osborne’s recent weight loss and the effectiveness of the 5:2 diet (whatever that is). So it’s possible, I guess, that Simon Walters is just a kook with a thing for knowing everyone’s weight. He is, however, the Mail’s political editor, which says something about how invested the Mail is in actual political reporting.

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