Sorry, FOX News: Transgender Healthcare Is Surprisingly Cheap For Taxpayers


FOX News has been getting ragey over the fact that Oregon’s state-funded health care includes coverage for gender transitions, but they’re also burying the fact that the total cost to taxpayers comes out to about $150,000, which is a few thousandths of a percent of the entire Oregon Health Plan budget. [The Daily Beast]


Americans United for Life, a powerful anti-choice organization, have been making tiny, quiet legislative moves to make abortion harder to access for women in America. Read a profile of their master strategy and weep, literally. [The Atlantic]


The Advocate has rounded up a bunch of retro boys’ magazine covers, mainly from the Boy Scouts magazine Boys’ Life, and rated them in terms of appropriateness for the moral development of young men. Cliff’s Notes: The Boy Scouts magazine is super-gay. [The Advocate]


The British government has recently released archives to the public that include notes on political strategy given to Margaret Thatcher. Her press secretary, Bernard Ingham, said that she needed “to be seen as imposing your will on things,” and later in her tenure as Prime Minister: “But remember you are not for turning, have not turned and will not turn. That’s the Maggie they know.” [BBC]

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