Michael Douglas Wants You To Know He Has A Big Dick

  • Actor Michael Douglas was asked what the key to his stardom was–his answer? “I have a big dick.” [The Superficial]
  • Check out the full list of Emmy nominations here! [Vulture]
  • Meteorologist gives a weather report with the help of Taylor Swift lyrics [PopSugar]
  • There is a man with a rare form of amnesia who wakes up every morning thinking it is March 14, 2005 and he has to go to a the dentist. [Leiscester Mercury]
  • Michael Bolton, your dad’s favorite easy listening singer of the ’90s, is trying to save Detroit. [Washington Post]
  • The Insane Clown Posse are being investigated by the IRS, who say they owe $379,783 in unpaid back taxes [Detroit News]
  • Evander Holyfield is being a giant baby weirdo about Caitlyn Jenner. [BBC]
  • What would it be like if Tom Hardy were your boyfriend? [The Toast]
  • A bear broke into a bakery and ate all the pies, except for one strawberry rhubarb pie. Which is totally INSANE. Because strawberry rhubarb is the best pie of all pies. Duh. [Jezebel]