Instagram Has Banned #Curvy

Instagram has added the hashtag #curvy to its banned list, saying that it was being used to share videos and photos that violated their (medieval, regressive, backward) policies about nudity. “Curvy” being generally used to promote female body acceptance, it’s worth mentioning that you can still search #skinny and #thin (although not #thinspo).

Buzzfeed notes that you can also still search hashtags like #fat, #fatfuck, #fatpig, #obese, and on the topic of nudity, you can also search #dildo and #clitoris, as well as #vibrator, and get nudes and photos on sexual themes. Oh, also, #bitch, and the possibly-upsetting #forced, which contains pictures of tied-up women and Bill Cosby references.

Who knows what’s going through Instagram’s admins’ squirrely little brains? Maybe next they’ll ban #women and just be done with it.


[Image via Instagram]

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