Badass Singer Gives No Fucks When Her Maxi Pad Falls Out On Live Television

It’s a middle school nightmare come true. Mexican singer Patricia Navidad was performing live on “Despierta America” (“Wake Up America”) in a blue mini-dress, singing her heart out, when all of a sudden, what comes flying out, but her maxi pad. Or her panty liner. Could actually be either and I can’t really tell from the video.

Navidad barely acknowledged the incident, and just kept right on singing “Viva Mexico” without missing a beat.

Naturally, a bunch of idiots mocked her for the incident, with some even claiming she did it on purpose.

Navidad, however, hit back with several tweets, stating “I want to make it clear that I never threw or would throw the pad. Thank you, I love you,” “This is not something I should be ashamed of or mocked for,” AND, “But while judging, bullying and pointing at me men forget that they are here because of a woman.”

LOVE HER. And yes, this is not something she should be ashamed of, nor should any woman. It is, at this point, quite ridiculous to act as though menstruating is somehow shameful and embarrassing rather than a basic fact of life.

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