Should People Living In Urban Poverty Have To Forage For Food?


Trans* representation at Comic Con this year was huge, with panels on trans* comic writing and inclusion, as well as indie presses in particular that are telling stories about trans* characters. This inclusion is good for young trans* comic fans in particular, who face specific challenges in transitioning and are able to create a community around the stories these comic books are telling. [The Daily Beast]


Here’s a compilation of all the ways that the content of women’s “health” magazines is bad for your health, from promoting strict and restrictive diets and incredibly complicated workout routines to encouraging readers to trust entertainment celebrities for health advice. [Vox]


Foodies are apparently genuinely very invested in the idea that the way to solve hunger crises in urban areas is foraging and urban farming, which is a time- and resource-consuming, unrealistic way to get food to the people who need it most. [The Guardian]


Just for funsies, here’s a list of beach advice culled from very old beach etiquette articles that still holds true today. For instance: Don’t make fun of fake tanners or try to test out whether a tan is fake or not. Uncool. [Mental Floss]

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