Martha Stewart & Justin Bieber Had A Really Solid First Date

In the wake of Martha Stewart’s devestatingly good and curiously saucy performance at Justin Bieber’s roast earlier this year, Interview magazine sat the two of them down to see if any sparks would fly, and my word, did they ever. Martha Stewart is a first-class flirt. If you’re terrible at flirting and awkward as hell on first dates, print this interview out and carry it crumpled up in your bag, because the lessons offered within are invaluable.

Like a excellent interviewer or someone who’s just really good at dating, Martha starts off nice and easy, with a few softball questions about Justin’s background, his life and where he’s been — standard stuff for anyone who’s ever had to break the ice with someone they’re trying to really talk to. Her transition from softball queries she could easily Google for answers, to questions that are a little more ~serious~ in nature are smooth, man.

Here’s Martha in detective mode.

STEWART: What about cars? I thought you were a big car guy.

BIEBER: I do love cars. I’ve got a Ferrari.

STEWART: What color?

BIEBER: It’s red. And then I have an Audi R8, which is matte black. I have a Range Rover. I have a Mercedes-Maybach.

STEWART: You have a Maybach? My dream car. Do you sit in the front seat or the backseat?

BIEBER: I ride in the back.

After this, it’s a no holds-barred grill sesh. Martha, smooth as silk, slips in a few questions about Bieb’s finances, what foods he likes to eat, and whether or not his new album is “romantic.” At the end, she goes for the butter:

STEWART: Do you ever get in the kitchen?

BIEBER: I cook breakfast, and that’s pretty much it.

STEWART: For yourself or your girlfriend?

BIEBER: For myself or if I have a girl. I made breakfast for my little brother the other day, some eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Simple.

STEWART: And who’s your love today?

BIEBER: My love? My love today is my little brother. He’s staying with me for the next week. So he’s my love right now.

STEWART: No girlfriend?

BIEBER: No girlfriend at the moment, no. I’m single.

STEWART: Okay, well, after this interview, every girl in America will want you—I think they do already. I think you have too many girlfriends to choose from.

BIEBER: I think so, too. I’m a pretty lucky guy.

You’re about to get lucky, Bieber, just you wait and see.

[h/t The Cut]