Brandy (Yeah, That Brandy) Sang On The Subway And No One Cared

Brandy Norwood – you know, “The Boy is Mine” Brandy, or maybe you don’t know, because “The Boy is Mine” was released 17 years ago and some of our readers weren’t even born then – shot a video of herself singing a few bars from “Home” from The Wiz on the subway and no one on the subway cared. It’s actually pretty embarrassing, not so much because no one cared, but because Brandy then goes on to admonish her fellow subway riders for not caring.

Of course no one recognizes Brandy. She’s wearing a hoodie and giant sunglasses. I haven’t personally heard Brandy’s voice in at least ten years, but what I have heard is a lot of awkward solo singing on the train that you just kind of learn to phase out. Maybe she could Lion King it up and get her fellow Chicago castmates to join her for a subway rendition of “All That Jazz.” Otherwise, Moesha, what are you doing?!

[h/t TIME]

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