Airbnb’s New Ad Was Clearly Made By Someone Who Was Very, Very Stoned

Airbnb, a company that purports to change the world by letting other people stay in the homes of strangers, released this weird fever dream of an ad featuring a tiny baby propelling itself on its tiny feet to press its face against the glass window of its temporary prison, as Angela Basset intones in a solemn voice-over.

“Is man kind?” she asks, as the baby toddles towards the light. “Are we good?” Angela, I don’t know. It’s only Wednesday.

“Go see. Go look through their windows, so you can understand their views.” Sure. Yes. This is exactly how it feels to use someone else’s house as a crash pad while you’re on a bachelorette weekend.

According to their blog, this is the first of a new campaign that wants to illuminate the kindness inherent in the act of charging some people money to stay in your spare room. It’s an act of kindness, sure, but it’s really just a capitalistic transaction. Is there kindness in capitalism? Airbnb wants you to think so! Good luck with that one, folks.