Oklahoma GOP Compares Poor People To Wild Animals

On Monday, the Oklahoma Republican Party put up a post on its Facebook page comparing poor people receiving government assistance for food to animals you shouldn’t feed.

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Although the post has been deleted after much criticism, the Oklahoma GOP has since doubled down on the sentiment, posting an article from World Nut Daily calling welfare programs “immoral and irredeemable.”

And this would be why, when I was a kid, I didn’t think people actually admitted to being Republicans to anyone, and were sort of like the Death Eaters in that respect. Because it really is just creepy to hate poor people that much.

I get that it is hard for you to have any empathy for poor people. It’s hard for you to imagine yourself in their place, if something had gone wrong for you in your life. I’m sure you think that if you were in their place you would be a good, moral poor person who would easily and quickly go find a job you could support yourself on rather than taking money from the government. That you’d let your children starve as well if that is what it took to not be a mooch. That no matter how fervently religious you are, you’d never look at a person using a SNAP card and think for one moment “there but for the grace of God go I” because that would be tantamount to admitting that all those people out there don’t deserve every piece of misery they get for failing to win at America.

Personally, I believe that the absolute most important thing we should be doing with our tax money, before anything else, is to make sure that citizens of this country at least have food, clothing and a place to live. I don’t think there’s a single thing in the world more important than that. I think that the fact that there are people out there, and children out there, who don’t have that is absolutely shameful. It makes me sick. Because I know damn well that I didn’t do a single thing to earn being born into a family with the means to support me.

I also don’t think corporations should be allowed to pay wages that would qualify a full-time worker with no dependents for government subsidies. But you know what? There are some other reasons why even someone who hates poor people should at least support them being fed.

For what it’s worth, 42-58 percent of of people receiving SNAP benefits are working. They have jobs. The only problem is that not all jobs in this country provide a living wage. If Republicans want corporations to have the luxury of paying their employees next to nothing, then they must accept the fact that we have to subsidize some of that for them.

Last year, for instance, Walmart employees cost taxpayers a total of $6.2 billion in government assistance. Certainly, Republicans would not want to put that kind of financial burden on Walmart. After all–the Walton Family is only worth a mere $144.7 billion, and the company itself only $446.950 billion. And given that they have to pay their CEO Michael Duke $16,826.92 an hour, they just can’t afford that. I mean, what about all those hardworking stockholders?

So think of it this way, Republicans! About half of all SNAP subsidies are basically corporate subsidies. SNAP helps corporations by feeding their employees so they don’t have to, and thus making it less likely that they will pass out from hunger while working! Which is a good thing for productivity. Also, for the percentage of those that are unemployed? Trust, I’ve been there, and it’s a lot easier to look for jobs when you aren’t worried about how you’re going to survive.

Coincidentally, today is Bastille Day. I’d like to point out that a large part of the reason why we feed poor people is to keep them from revolting. A large part of the reason we started these programs was because people were worried about a Communist revolution starting to look real good.

What? You think you’re going to starve people and they’re just going to be OK with that? Like it or not, there are not enough jobs in this country for everyone to have a job they can support themselves on. There just aren’t. Even when people go to college and get degrees, they aren’t guaranteed a job but are often guaranteed a shit ton of debt if they didn’t happen to have parents who were well off. If you all don’t want to face the guillotine, deal with the fact that we have to feed people.

In the meantime, why don’t you worry about things like agricultural subsidies and corporate welfare. Because if we keep feeding those animals, then however will they learn to fend for themselves?