“Fox & Friends” Hosts Are Mad At Harper Lee For Ruining White Hero Atticus Finch

Although many are disappointed by the fact that Harper Lee’s recently released novel, Go Set A Watchman, portrays Atticus Finch as having some racist tendencies (including once attending a KKK meeting), the hosts of “Fox & Friends” are especially upset. Why? Mostly because “can’t white people have anything?”

Although Lee was possibly pushed into releasing the novel by an unscrupulous lawyer, the Fox News pundits are very upset with her, declaring it a “statement of our times” that she would take a beloved character known for not being racist and reveal that he did have some racism in him.

Racial Pimping author Kevin Jackson, who is Black, claimed that this had something to do with how all the mean politically correct people nowadays want to make all white people out to be racist. Or something.

“The idea of taking Atticus Finch, who was an iconic character… and do what I call revisionist literature because this is revisionist fiction, this isn’t even real, and make him into a villain, the real underlying meaning is that even when a white guy does good for a black guy, which is what Atticus Finch did in trying to save the life of the black man in the book, he still has an underlying tint of racism,And I think that’s the sad part.

“It’s almost that they want to bring it into the forefront and take this guy that’s become and iconic hero of the civil rights movement and make him a racist in the future now. And it fits a political correct narrative today.”

Jackson and Steve Doocy then agreed that there was nothing racist about Gregory Peck, and that it was basically unfair of Harper Lee to make it look like Gregory Peck – who played Atticus Finch in the movie version of “Mockingbird” – look like a racist. Which I’m not sure can be a thing, given that Gregory Peck the actor and Atticus Finch the character are not at all the same thing.

Also, it can’t be “revisionist literature” because it was written before “Mockingbird” and also by the same author. Which means, yes, it’s canon.

Sure, it’s disappointing that Atticus Finch was not the person we all thought he was. But it’s also not surprising. I haven’t read Go Set a Watchman yet, but it seems like it’s centered on adult Scout finding out that her father wasn’t the man she thought he was either. It makes sense for the time. There were lots of white people who fought for Civil Rights but still held racist views back then, and there still are now. Things are just not that simple. [Raw Story]