Bill Cosby’s Wife Says Accusers “Consented” To Drugs And Sex

Camille Cosby, the in-denial wife of Bill Cosby will apparently defend him to the ends of the Earth.

In her latest defense of her 40-plus times accused rapist husband, she claims that the most recent accusers actually consented to the Quaaludes and ‘sex’ given to them by Cosby and that they all enjoyed a good drug-induced unconscious sex-romp. Wait.

Camille knows about all the “cheating” and is totally ok with that, but will not admit to there being any rape or foul play even with all of the very clear indications of it right in front of her.

A longtime spiritual advisor for the couple summed it up pretty well saying:

“She made so many sacrifices for him to have a career.”

Well, there we have it.

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