Author JK Rowling Shuts Down Idiot Troll Regarding Serena Williams

The majority of Twitter yesterday was in jubilant celebration of Serena Williams and her Grand Slam victory at Wimbledon. The hashtag #SerenaSlam went viral, and happiness abounded.

But, it wouldn’t be any kind of female victory without endless body shaming, now would it? A woman can’t get through one second of celebration without men lining up waiting to completely knock it down.

So, of course right on cue, after Serena Williams’s EPIC Grand Slam win, Twitter did not disappoint with some fresh trolls ready to pounce.

Luckily, JK Rowling, the most famous author in the world was right there ready to defend the best athlete in the world with a Twitter takedown for the ages:

Poor ol’ “diegtristan8″ whoever the fuck you are. You are nobody.

Breaking news everyone: Female athletes have muscles in order to play sports.

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