Surprise: Another Female CEO Is Blamed For Inherited Company Problems

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao just had to step down on Friday following a petition as well as a flood of death threats from users amid controversy at the tech company.

Last week she apologised for letting down users after Reddit fired its director of talent, Victoria Taylor, who created the site’s famous “AMA” forums. After Taylor was dismissed, Pao was blamed and a petition started to oust her.

Pao was basically forced to resign due to violent threats by users and the petition, after she took the blame for actions unrelated to her tenure at the company.

Sociologists and other experts say that this is a vast gendered problem – and call it a “glass cliff” whereby female executives are pushed out and used as a scape goat – far more than their male counterparts.

Ellen Pao lost a landmark discrimination lawsuit earlier this year, and became somewhat of a symbol for the rampant sexism in Silicon Valley. She leaves Reddit after only eight months at the company and will be replaced by Steven Huffman, the co-founder of the site.

Pao will remain on their board of directors.

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