These Completely Unimpressed Ladies Watching Neil Sedaka In 1959 Will Give You Life

The ’50s were an especially cheesy time in history, and while it’s easy to believe that everyone was way into that–it’s clear from this video that some things were so viciously quirky that even ladies of that era had to give it some side-eye. Per essemple? This video here featuring Neil Sedaka singing “Oh Carol”–which he wrote for Carole King, whom he dated in high school, but was at that time married to Gerry Goffin.

The completely unimpressed ladies in this video are, truly, my new favorite thing ever. Exactly no one here is having any of Neil Sedaka and his obscenely twerpy dance moves. As soon as they pan to the audience, the camera cannot seem to find a single lady who is even mildly enthusiastic about whatever it is Sedaka is attempting to do up there. And it is pretty goddamned great. Because usually when you watch these videos all the ladies in the audience are screaming and swooning, not gesturing to one another like “Seriously, what even is this?”

I mean, sure–he’s a great songwriter, obviously–but not much of a dancer.

Carole King wasn’t having any of it either, clearly–she and Goffin ended up writing and producing this response song. Which I dare say is one of the best things I’ve ever heard in my life.