RIP Street Raccoon, You Lived A Short But Decent Life

A raccoon met his untimely demise on a street in Toronto and because city services anywhere are notoriously slow to respond to relatively low-level emergencies, its lifeless body lay in disgrace on the sidewalk for 11 hours before Animal Control got their shit together to pick it up.

In the meantime, Canadians, being nice people, thought the little guy deserved a proper memorial, so the great citizens of Toronto banded together and honored the fallen raccoon the best way they could. This is sad, a little gross and also hilarious. The little paw resting on top of a cellophane wrapped red rose! The picture, in a frame no less! The candlelight vigil that sprung up as day turned to night and his spirit went off to the great dumpster in the sky.

Everyone deserves to die with dignity, even possibly-rabid raccoons. RIP, buddy, RIP. [Bored Panda]